About Us

At Sthiram, we work hard to maintain the operations and data solution needs of healthcare organisations up to date with industry standards using cutting-edge technology.

   Why Sthiram?

Strong and motivated workforce

With strong employee centric HR practices, excellent recruiting, hiring and training processes, Sthiram Services invest in its people, to attract, develop and retain talent, the most critical asset for customer service solutions that positively impact ability to successfully deliver consistent quality support to customers.

Exceptional customer experience

Building deeper connections with customers, and investing in relationship-based strategies that build sustainable business growth have resulted in developing a great customer experience.

Scale-up infrastructure and operation

Solutions to set up backend operations at scale, with speed and efficacy, giving the customers a head start in building the workforce, infrastructure and technological solutions to optimize back-office processes.

Scale remote working / WFH

The expertise to meet the current rapid-shifting need for remote working, however, fast it is needed, delivering solutions across endpoints, networking and security with a flawless remote-access strategy. Stable solutions are designed and deployed in days, creating a remote Work Solution with products and services that enable the workforce to keep up seamlessly service at all times.